ID: 8719
Updated by: danbeck
Old-Status: Analyzed
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Documentation problem
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.4
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Added to session_register() documentation in latest cvs.

Previous Comments:

[2001-01-15 17:27:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
It isn't currently possible to register resource variables into session.

This is actually a documentation problem as this isn't mentioned on
any of the session related documentation pages.



[2001-01-15 13:14:16] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I'm trying (and in fact it seems to work fine) to register a connection id to a 
postgres database :

// the followig instruction works fine and $cnx_id
// gets a value (it is not null)
$cnx_id = pg_connect ("host= blah blah...");

And when I try "session_is_registered('cnx_id');", I get TRUE (even in another script, 
which is what I want), but unfortunately, $cnx_id is null in every other script... 
Does anybody know about this ?

NB : the very same code works fine if for example $cnx_id is a string ($cnx_id = 
"test";) instead of this database thing.


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