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These ideas have been bandied back and forth among the documentation people and 
although it's low priority, we are working at doing something about this in the future.

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[2001-03-22 16:44:07] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
as a longtime php user who relies on the online manual, i just want to make sure 
someone's aware that the online manual is rapidly becoming unusable.  one great thing 
about php is how it grows to handle just about *everything*... but the manual needs to 
put some restrictions on that.  right now there are 80+ sections in the `features' 
part of the manual.  this makes it well-nigh impossible to find what you're looking 

you need to divide these sections into several parts.  my suggestion would be to have 
a section for `core' language features, and then one for additional, system- and 
package-specific functionality, like yp/nis, windows com, pdf, etc etc.  due to the 
extreme proliferation of these package addons, perhaps that second section should be 
even further divided, though i'm not certain how.  perhaps into OS-specific, file 
format-specific, and so on?

thanks for your attention to this.



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