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Bug Type: Sockets related
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PHP Version: 4.0.6
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Is the .html suffix regocnized to be run by PHP ?
I get 'file not found' on that url too. Or did you
delete it already? 

And your script works for me just fine.


Previous Comments:

[2001-06-26 12:10:10] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

 New problem / question.

 The following code generates the following error:

 Not Found

 The requested URL/style.css was not found on this server.



  $webpage = "";;

  $fp = fopen( $webpage, "r" ) or die("Couldn't open    $webpage");

while( ! feof($fp ))
 print fgets( $fp, 1024 );



I tried it again with the URL:
and it wouldn't connect. The output was consistently:

"couldn't open"




[2001-06-26 11:28:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

 The error I *was* receiving was the same as Bug i.d. #11058



[2001-06-26 11:26:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

 It seems I made an error in not securing my machine from the clutches of my roommate. 
He started 20 seperate httpd processes! When I went through and used kill -9 on all of 
them and re-started the web server, the php code worked.
Sorry. I did receive the error style/css on found on the server. What does this mean 
and how can I fix it?

 I am a serious PHP user and your assistance is very much appreciated. Are there any 
areas I should look for onm own so I won't take up too much of your time? Such as 
php.ini in case I have another question?

Thanks, Katie.


[2001-06-26 05:42:43] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Your example script works just fine. 
Can you please explain what exactly doesn't work?
And preferrably include suck non-working example
script (short one) into this bug report.


[2001-06-25 09:02:29] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

 $fd = fopen("";, "r" );




I am also unable to write *functional* scripts using fsockopen...

My compile line was:

#./configure --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql-3.22.32-pc-linux-gnu-i686/

make install

I am using Netscape 4.51.

Thanks, Katie.


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