we have two problems in the current code when it comes to
    shutting down apache processes:

    in main.c php_module_shutdown():
    we call php_config_ini_shutdown() before we call the modules
    MSHUTDOWN functions - which basically means that php is
    already "half-dead" when MSHUTDOWN is called - so modules can
    can not rely on certain things (like error_log settings)
    during MSHUDOWN. is there any known reason not to move
    php_config_ini_shutdown() further down in

    2) (more serious)
    if you do an "apachectl restart" the master httpd will signal
    the worker httpd's. the workers will than call the
    child_exit hook in all modules no matter where in the code
    they just happen to be. the problem is that we "try"
    to clean up the best we can -but- this might cause recursive
    calls into 3th party library code (which is not supported in
    most cases!)


    script calls ociexecute($stmt) (which might take a few
    seconds)  now the  admin does "apachectl restart" - and we
    get interrupted deep down in the oci library. now the worker
    httpd tries to clean up and calls the child_exit hooks.  php
    will now free all resources and it will also try to do a
    rollback on $stmt and after that it'll free $stmt. the
    problem here is that the oracle-server _doesn't_ like
    recursive calls at all and might crash just 'cause of that.

    OK - i agree - oracle should fix their code, -but- i don't
    think its smart to try a real-cleanup if we we're
    interrunpted during a request. i think we need to protect the
    engine agains recursive calls. so if child_exit is called
    while we're still in execution mode simply do nothing
    (bacause all we could do might be harmful) and leave the
    clean up to unix.


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