ID: 11749
Updated by: thies
Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.6
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binary mode only makes a difference when youstore 
carriage-returns in your file. i bet your "old" test did 
not have CR in the data.

i consider this problem "fixed"

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-28 11:29:14] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
After changing all my reads and writes to forced binary reads and right, all is well 
with Win32 Apache module.

IMHO, this is still a bug.  If the behaviour is this for the module, it should also be 
the same for the CGI.

Why did this work?


[2001-06-27 14:32:13] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
If it helps:


can be found in zip form at:

Thanks for all your help on this guys.  


[2001-06-27 14:06:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Bingo.. got it down to a reasonable amount of code.

I'll provide the code here (its still 65 lines).  I have kept the "save" method, 
although it is not used in this example.  Reason being is that I am loading an object 
that I previously saved, so its possible that the save method is the offender.

Here you go.  I'll also reply to this message in php-dev (if the list ever starts 
working) -- with the datafile attached.

--Code starts--
class Module_Variable{
var $Type;
var $Name;
var $Value;

        function Module_Variable($Name,$Value,$Type="S"){
} //end of module_variable class

class Module {
    var $Variables;  // Array of Configuration Variables for this Module
    var $Inclusions; // Array of Inclusions in case of newuser,deleteuser,etc,etc
    var $Path;       // Path from Root to get to this module
    var $Name;
    var $Loaded;     // Has this module been loaded, or not?
        function Module($Name,$Path){
        function Save(){                
                        die("Error writing output...");
        function Load(){
}//end the class

$MyModule=new Module("login","");

print("<hr><Br>Good so far");



[2001-06-27 13:11:08] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please include a short example of both script and the class
you get this with.


[2001-06-27 12:33:39] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I've been running fine on CGI for a while now, jumping between 4.04, 4.07-dev, 4.05

When I tried to switch from 4.05 CGI to 4.05 4.05-Apache ... one of my files does not 
unserialize properly.  The error message is:

Warning: unserialize() failed at offset 487 of 2797 bytes in c:program filesapache 
groupapachehtdocsgt2librariesclassesmodule.class on line 189

If you guys know something about this, please let me know, as soon as possible.  In 
the mean time, I am going to make a script that saves a serialized object to disk.  I 
will save it to a file using CGI and then Apache modules.  Then, I will try to load em 
both using Apache and CGI modules... see what turns up.


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