ID: 11789
Updated by: sniper
Status: Open
Bug Type: Documentation problem
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PHP Version: 4.0.6
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modified short description.

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[2001-06-29 04:14:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Ok, it finally work with ct-lib if LC_ALL is set to default

Please add in documentation that
apache only start correctly with
sybase_ct lib if LC_ALL is correctly
set (sybase must be installed with
the same language, cf bug #3161)

If not, we can resolve simply the
problem with : 

export LC_ALL=default
./apachectl start (or startssl)

@++ JC


[2001-06-28 18:47:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
PS : it's ok with sybase DB lib


[2001-06-28 18:44:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
When I launch apache with sybase_ct, I've got following messages : 

DRK01:/soft/apache/bin# ./apachectl start
./apachectl: line 184: 15557 Segmentation fault      $HTTPD
./apachectl start: httpd could not be started

Sybase Version : 11.9.2
$SYBASE environment variable is correctly set

There's nothing in apache's logs
There's nothing in dmesg's output

Do you have any idea ?

Thanks for your answer



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