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Bug Type: Documentation problem
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PHP Version: 4.0.5
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OK, as you suggested dates are printed now. You can see, that nearly all files are 
autogenerated daily (dispite what I said before) except the CHM version (and the temp 
unavailable PDF). We will update the CHM versions soon.

Anyway, this way the full table listing is **UGLY**. Is there anybody with a better 
layout tip?

Ps. I used the RFC date type date('r", $changed) to be world wide compatible (though 
it is very long...).

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-29 12:36:12] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
There will be some date info also on that page. I'll do it ASAP. It was on my todo 
list for a week now. Well, dates are much important, but sizes are also usable, when 
you need to choose from .zip or .tar.gz, while your zip program handles both of them.

It is true, that PDFs, CHMs and Palm docs are behind, but just because we have no 
**automated** process to do it. Everything else is automated (text and HTML). This is 
also on our __long time__ todo list to implement some automated CHM generation on Unix 
(it is not easy to do :).


[2001-06-28 17:59:26] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I'm planning to update the CHM versions soon now, as lots of things have been changed.
I hope I can do it this weekend.



[2001-06-28 17:22:12] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
My apologies.. I responded before I realized that the mailing lists are 12-14 hrs 
behind.  I didn't think to read the bug report on the page to make sure no one 
responded to it already.


[2001-06-28 17:21:03] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I believe that the PDF and CHM version of the module always lag behind due to the 
amount of work it takes to package them up.  If you are ever in doubt, please check 
the online html manual first.  You can visit it directly at:


[2001-06-28 14:32:55] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
thx for replying, thx 
btw, in
doucument list
file size? may not need if file is small enough
file size for compare and decide whether to download ?
why not show an document last update date?
or document version will be better :P
just suggestion, may not post as a reply here


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