ID: 11171
Updated by: fmk
Status: Open
Old-Bug Type: MSSQL related
Bug Type: Sybase (dblib) related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.5
Assigned To: 

This is not related to the mssql extension. You are using the sybase extension.

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-29 11:15:03] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Bug #7881, as posted by [EMAIL PROTECTED] and bug #9244 is still present in PHP4.0.5.
Setup: FreeBSD 3.4-STABLE, Apache 1.3.20, PHP4.0.5, newest SybaseOpenClient for 
FreeBSD (not sure of version, older doesn't work either), SQLServer 7.0SP3 on WinNT.
Sending a valid query, using mssql_query() works fine, sending an invalid query (for a
table that does not exist for example), hangs the script. PHP does not timeout, the 
does eventually.
For more details, see bug #7881.

This is very important for me to get fixed, would be happy for some information on why 
this happens?



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