Zeev wrote:
> >On another matter, does the big change to the engine mark a good time to
> >a concerted effort on tidying the language up a bit? I refer to the
> >of case sensitivity for function names, consistency with the order of
> >arguments to functions, and consistency across the function name space
> >we discussed at some length a few months ago.
> Generally I'd say yes, as if this does come out as PHP 5.0, this would be
> the right time to tidy things up.  However, we should only pick up
> which we can deliver in a reasonable time frame(tm).

    Maybe we can do it, maybe we can't.

    I believe that the first thing to do is try to get a group consensus
    (again) - however, this time, at least we can say that we have a major
    version coming out.

    I take it that this does give us *some* of license to break some
    backwards compatibility? :)


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