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I'm closing this because I'm pretty sure you can get
what you are looking for by combining the php.ini
setting "auto_prepend_file" with session support.

If you decide after research that this really isn't
what you want after all, perhaps you could file a more
detailed Feature Request.

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-30 20:00:39] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I'd like PHP to have a feature that behaves similar to ASPs Application (global.asa) 

For example if I want to store the sitemap in a database to generate a navigation menu 
it's unneccessary to query the database upon every request, instead I'd like to store 
that informatoin in a "php-application-wide" storage
(Maybe $PHP_APPLICATION_VARS[] array).

I can see it could behave similar to the session functions. When session functions are 
shared between requests, the application is shared between requests.

To do this, you could start an application with:

I've not been thinking much about security, but I reckon it should not be possible to 
hijack an application, therefore there needs to be a (filebased) system that 
determines which files can be within an application. Maybe with a path? like:

application_start("name", "/path/to/where/my/files/are");
which means that all files have to be within that folder or in it.

There should also be a way to determine if the application is started or not, this to 
run the code upon start. Like;

if(!application_exsists("name")) {
// This code is being run when the application starts
application_start("name", "/path/to/files/");

This would reduce server load and eliminate "hacks" in this area.



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