In the light of Zend's proposal for a version 2 of the Zend Engine, now is 
probably a good time to discuss whether we can and/or should use the 
opportunity to also tidy up the language along the lines we discussed on this 
list a few months ago namely:

Make function names case sensitive (and all lower case)
Rename functions to make them consistent
Address the order of arguments to functions so that needles and haystacks are 

(searching for 'renaming' in the QA archive will get you to most of the 
previous discussion)

A general concensus was not reached last time around, but I'm pretty sure 
that a majority of those who joined in the discussion thought it was a good 
idea to do at least some of the above.

My own thoughts on the timing of such an effort are that if the version 2 
Zend engine warrants a version 5 of PHP then we should make the effort and do 
something to synchronise with the release of the new engine, so that all the 
major changes happen together.

If the new engine only causes the PHP version number to go to 4.1 then I 
don't think we should introduce a language cleanup at this point, although I 
do think we should be working on it.

Rather than start near infinite threads on the nitty gritty details of what 
and how to change things, can we first establish a concensus on whether to 
have a go now or later, and see if we have enough people prepared to put in 
the hours.

Phil Driscoll

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