ID: 8865
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Old-Status: Feedback
Status: Open
Bug Type: Apache related
Operating system: Windows 95b, 98
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
Description: App launching with hotkeys delayed

No. It only happens when PHP is loaded as a module. If it happens when used as CGI it 
is not noticeable, since it runs for just a few moments. Probably a web server with 
lots of traffic could cause the same problem, but mine is a small intranet so I 
wouldn't notice.

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-14 20:40:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Does this happen if you comment out the PHP loadmodule
statement in apache conf? (and stop / start apache)


[2001-05-12 20:02:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I just tried with 4.0.5, and it happens just the same. Also the condition I explained 
in bug 8864 still holds constant. 

More info:
-Win95 SR-2, Winsock 2 patch, IP (for ws2) patch, TCP (for ws2) patch, comdlg401 
patch, DCOM95 installed.
-Apache 1.3.12, no bells, no whistles, just out-of-the-box
-PHP 4.0.5 (binary download from
-NO extensions loaded, just plain PHP.
-Not related to any particular code, this is is a condition on windows itself: apache 
and php run beautifully. The trouble occurs for other apps when apache runs with the 
apache-php module.
-The slowing down of apps launched using hotkeys is NOT related to any particular 
application, but is a windows delay. The delay is for the launching (5-7 sec. delay 
with freeze-up), not for normal running once an app has been launched. If I get things 
running, everything works ok.
-No apparent relation to any other running app: I've tried shutting down everything 
(yhat is, only explorer running), and then launching apache with php as a module, and 
the condition persists just the same.

I'll try 4.0.6dev on a win98 box and report back.

Hope this helps.


[2001-05-12 12:49:46] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Can you please try it with 4.0.5, or preferrable php-4.0.6dev ?


[2001-05-12 10:53:48] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Sure does! I haven't tried php 4.0.5-dev on this, but 4.0.4 pl1 does. I still think it 
must be related to bug 8864 (which died as I didn't give any prompt feedback, but is 
also real).

It's not a Win95 issue only, it also happens on Win98 (haven't tried Win Me).


[2001-05-11 21:07:42] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Does this still happen?



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