If you look back to the original problem, switch was matching the 0 returned
from preg_match to a string.  However, if the return value is a boolean it
would not match 0 to a string.  However, I guess it would then match the
true to a string.

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> On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 05:01:43PM -0500, Brian Moon wrote:
> > IMO, I like preg_match to return a bool and preg_match_all return a
> > But that is me.  It may be thought of as inconsistent to some.  I just
> > the functions has having a different purpose.
> That would make sense.  preg_match_all() would return 1 if only
> one match is found, so there's no need for preg_match() to return
> the number of matches.
> However, even if preg_match() were to return a one or zero, it
> would still function the same in boolean evaluations.  That makes
> the whole thing simply a matter of "correctness".  Returning an
> 'int' would be more consistent but returning a boolean would be
> specific.
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