I can't help you too much but I am pretty sure I bumped into problems after 
installing Access 2000 w/ an app which uses Access. I think the ODBC driver 
was changed in 2000.
Maybe you can find something at msdn.microsoft.com. If you find anything 
useful please let me know.


At 05:25 PM 7/3/2001 +0200, Sebastian Pötschke wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>we did implement a GPS Reference Station Webserver using Apache, PHP and
>ODBC Connectivity to MS Access Database files (found at
>http://www.virtualrtk.com). Currently we are using Apache 1.3.20, PHP 4.0.6
>and the
>latest Version of  Microsoft Access mdb-Driver 4.00.5303.1 got from
>Service Pack 2. And now since we using Access 2000 in the back we got
>serious problems regarding the database connectivity. In other words we are
>not able to write any data to the tables using PHP as we did before
>through Access 97 Driver (fetching tables still works fine). I'm pretty sure
>that this problem is related to Access 2000 because I switched back to
>Access 97 and it worked just fine. Does anyone know if the is any
>difference between Access 2000 and 97?
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