ID: 11898
Updated by: derick
Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Apache related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.6
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Closing this one too with the same reasons. Reopen it didn't fix it.


Previous Comments:

[2001-07-04 23:46:22] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I seem to recall that the later versions of PHP don't support 2.2.x libmcrypt anymore.

Libmcrypt is up to 2.4.15 now anyway, with significant fixes.  Is there a reason you 
haven't upgraded?  I'd try that first, then see.

(I'm assuming you've done the obvious and ran 'ldconfig' after installing libmcrypt.)

- Colin


[2001-07-04 23:09:45] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I am writting you because I have compilled libmcrypt version 2.2.7 with the following 
options "----disable-posix-threads prefix=/usr/include/libmcrypt". I have also 
compilled PHP to have "--with-mcrypt=/usr/include/libmcrypt".

The configure, make and make install proccess goes fine but when I restart Apache 
(version 1.3.14 rpm install) I get an error like this: cannot load modual 
/lib/apache/ can not find Altough I have verified that that 
all needed files are prescent. I have also tried many different compille options to 
try working around this problem but nothing works.

Please help.

Can you tell


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