Hi all,

I was working lately with PHP under Win32. My aim is using PHP as an ISAPI filter of 
IIS or an Apache (multithreaded) 
module. I suppose it's the same problem with other multithreaded OS/Webservers.

It seems much more complicated than I expected with database persistent connections: 

- Apache Win32 has child threads, not processes. So it seems quite logic that all the 
data structures are shared among 
threads. But Apache tries to keep several pools of persistent connections (because 
there is a different executor_globals 
structure for every thread). So what do we want the multithread webserver approach 
for? (I know, less memory footprint 
and so, but sharing connections has a better point). Is it an Apache/Win32 problem?

- PHP as ISAPI mode in IIS. I have to test it yet, but I think this really has an only 
executor_globals estructure for all the 
threads. But then there is a second problem: if an existing connection is opened and 
*in use*, souldn't we have to keep a 
semaphore to prevent some threads to override others? I think this is the reason that 
makes IIS/PHP/ISAPI go nuts when 
persistent connections/heavy traffic are involved.

I'm afraid this multithreaded webserver/semaphores problem is not yet adressed in the 
database modules. I'm I wrong? 
Which are your feelings about this?

Thanks for reading.


Francisco Javier Ortiz Torre

ComuNET, S.A
Gral. Concha 39,6º
48012 Bilbao España
Tel: +34 944 700 101 
Fax: +34 944 700 185 

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