On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 11:53:48PM -0400, Colin Viebrock wrote:
> > (the server software will be released soonish. keep an eye on
> > http://news.php.net/ for an announcement.)

(to be clear, the code i was talking about there was the actual nntp
server. the web interface is already in cvs as php-news-web.)

> Looks good ... although clicking on the "rss" link produces:
>     Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by
>     (output started at /usr/local/www/news.php.net/nntp.inc:14)
>     in /usr/local/www/news.php.net/group.php on line 19
> .. and then the XML data.

oops, i fixed that.

> Can we build this into the main website somehow (a link, I suppose, and
> interface integration)?

well, the web interface was really just proof of concept. i didn't
spend much time trying to make it pretty. without searching, i don't
think the web interface is a big improvement on the archives available
at marc.theaimsgroup.com.


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