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Status: Open
Bug Type: COM related
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PHP Version: 4.0.6
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but by definition every interface derived from IDispatch that should support 
references must expect VARIANT *var instead of <anothertype> *var . am i wrong ?

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[2001-07-02 05:08:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I think it's very simple.

The COM-Object that I use is compiled with
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, if it matters.

The definition looks like this:

interface ICObject: IDispatch
  [id(1), helpstring("Methode Init")]
          HRESULT Init(BSTR bstrUser,
                       long lwinID,
                       BSTR bstrCustomer);
  [id(2), helpstring("Methode CheckLogin")]
          HRESULT CheckLogin(BSTR bstrUser,
                             BSTR bstrServer,
                             long *laccess);
  [id(3), helpstring("Methode CloseData")]
          HRESULT CloseData();

Note, that there is no VARIANT Type!
It's only BSTR and LONG.
So I get always a type mismatch, when I try to pass
variables with
$var = new VARIANT(8, VT_I4|VT_BYREF);
$var = new VARIANT("test", VT_BSTR);
It doesn't matter, if it's passed by reference or not.
I think it's a more general problem. PHP tries to pass
the values as type VARIANT, but the interface is of another
type (here BSTR or LONG). Of course, I could be wrong.
When I pass the values directly as PHP-variables, then I
don't get the type-mismatch warning, but the variables
passed by reference don't change, as you can see in the
first message.

I hope, I maked it clear.


[2001-07-01 17:25:28] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

type mismatch means, that your com object expects another type. as you see the error 
message is german so the error doesn't happen in php but in the com-marshaller. you 
have to check what type your object expects and change the VT_I4 to the corresponding 

if you can provide me an other example so that i can reproduce this on my machine i 
could help you more detailed


[2001-06-28 03:12:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

still closed?


[2001-06-27 04:16:21] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

It didn't work!
I get this:

Warning: Invoke() failed: Typ paßt nicht.
in D:wwwwebzeapplicationindex.php on line 10

translated: ...: Type mismatch.

Line 10 looks like this:
$instance->CheckLogin($user, COM_REMOTE_SERVER, $allowed);

I have tried all of the combinations I could think of,
It doesn't matter. I get always the same type mismatch warning.

Note that the variable $allowed in the function of the
COM-Object is defined as "long".

Please help me to get this working.


[2001-06-26 10:19:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]



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