From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: windows 2000
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     PDF related
Bug description:  precompiled php_pdf.dll does not work


The pre-compiled php_pdf.dll included with 4.0.6 is based on PDFlib version 4.0.0 
($Revision: $).

HOWEVER, according to, version 4.0.0 contains a datetime bomb and will not 
work past 2001-07-01.

Amusingly enough, PDFlib 4.0.0 was used for PHP4.0.6, released only shortly before 
this dll would cease to function forever...

An attempt to access pdf functions produces the following error: "Fatal error: PDFlib 
error: Beta expired - retrieve new version from in [script] on line 

Since PDFlib 4.0.1 is available since 2001-05-18, perhaps the next release could 
include a php_pdf.dll based on 4.0.1?

OR, a fix could be made available on the site (please) because my c++ compiler chokes 
on 4.0.1, and the documentation included is obviously meant for people who are already 
experienced with compiling their own dlls...

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