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Bug Type: Any
Operating System: Windows 98 SE
PHP Version: 4.0.6
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it has both a slash and a backslash, check your php.ini

For asking questions, you should have gone to 
(php-general mailinglist)

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[2001-07-07 16:29:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Warning: open(/tmp\sess_5b9c005c594b13dd0c7a54e9c84721ca, O_RDWR) failed: No such file 
or directory (2) in c:\apache\htdocs\ep\test1.php on line 3

People reporting this error all over, but I can not find the solution.

This error happens with "session_start()". The session.save_path is set corretly in 
php.ini, but it get ignored by PHP.

Please help me how to ovecome on this problem. I have to use session functions in my 

Thank you
Tamas Virag


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