perfect :)
my libxslt extension is a backend for xslt, the api for now is the same,
i have implemented these functions:
xslt_process (it works pretty good, and for now i haven't found memory
leaks ;)

it's not so much for now, but i'll implement the other functions as soon
as possible. i've started "hacking" (well it sounds cool ;) php and zend
one week ago, and i think that zend is amazing! i like it very much
because it's very intuitive.
i'm also working on a module for panda pdf, probably the first module
based on a free GPL pdf library :)


Am 08 Jul 2001 01:03:54 +0200 schrieb Sebastian Bergmann:
> Raphael Vallazza wrote:
> > i'm currently developing a php module for libxslt (part of gnome's 
> > xmllib). i've seen that there is an'api for xslt extensions under 
> > ext/xslt, should i use it or is it deprecated?
>   Coordinate with Sterling, but here you go: ext/sablotron is no longer
> beeing worked on and ext/xslt is the 'next generation'.
>   It'd be cool to have ext/xslt support libxslt. Are you by any chance
> familiar with libxml? If so, please have a look at ext/domxml - and fix
> it :-)
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