At 07:14 PM 7/8/01 +0300, Andi Gutmans wrote:
>I think one thing that bothers PHP developers is when they do:
>include "../";
>and in they do:
>include "";
>That is not searched for in's current directory 
>automatically. As we pretty much always have the expanded filename of the 
>current executing script I thought it would be nice to add that if 
>is not found in the include_path to take the full path of (i.e. 
>/path/to/foo_inc/ and try opening /path/to/foo_inc/
>What do you guys think?

I was just wishing for this sort of behavior earlier last week. Especially 
when may need to be included in several files in two or three 
different directories, and the entire application needs to be portable.


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