ID: 10026
Updated by: jeroen
Old Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Operating System: RH Linux 6.1
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
New Comment:

Please cut the background-color lines etc, and any line
until it won't reproduce the bug. Then submit it again. And
put a var_dump of all your imported globals and on the
passed parameters on the beginning of the function, and
submit it when you still think it's a bug.

The script is too complicated to tell wether this is a bug,
note that you pass $ref BY VALUE, and not by reference.

Closed for now.

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-17 13:12:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I have solved the problem in another way. BUT; The value of $c *IS* 0 when entering 
for loop and the stange behavior of the for-loop explained above happens. I think it 
maybe is other part of the code BEFORE this function who make som "crash" in the 
system so this happen. I've never seen this before neither after so i dont know what 
more to say :)
But for sure it was a strange behavior of PHP in this code. We are two persons coding 
this system and we both spent a lot of time trying to find out what happens (with echo 
and other debug code) but we could'nt find out.
We had to drop the for-loop because it didnt work as it should.


[2001-06-17 05:06:32] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I have spent twenty mins trying to recreate this, before you start your for loop 
please check the value of $c (echo it out etc) and make sure its what you expected. I 
very much doubt this is a bug, if the value of $c is indeed 0 then please reopen this 

- James


[2001-04-04 08:34:26] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I'm sorry, but all other script i make work ok. Its just this one that cause the 

I dont know how to make another script for you as i cant reproduce the error in any 5 
line of code.

- Svein


[2001-04-04 08:28:35] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I asked for 'self-containing' script. ie. one that doesn't
need anything outside but works as is. This example script
you added is useless and can not be used to reproduce anything. Please create a SHORT 
(max 5 lines) script that doesn't work.



[2001-04-04 06:26:22] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The parameter passed to the function i prev. post is the stricture returned from 

- Svein


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