ID: 9420
Updated by: jeroen
Old Status: Open
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Operating System: Redhat Linux 6.1
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
New Comment:

Very nasty, but not a bug :)

This proves why $string[offset] should be deprecated... took
me 10 minutes to find this out...

Anyway, $pair["key"] == 'mwel'

$i[$pair["key"]] = "0", and that is correct

And doing [ ] on a string will be interpreted as $str[offset].

As is in the manual, sysaction will be converted to 0, so
that means: get the first character of the string "0"

shk: You chould have tracked it down a bit more... by
var_dumping step by step, and see that '0'['sysaction']
caused the same thing...

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-23 09:16:08] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Make a file like this:

while($pair = each($i)) {
        if (isset($i[$pair["key"]]["sysaction"])) {
                echo "<br>We have a bug!!<br>";
        } else {
                echo "<br>There are no bugs!!<br>";

and call it like this:


Now isset will return true. If I create the array in php instead, it works fine.


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