ID: 10639
Updated by: jeroen
Status: Open
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Operating System: AIX 4.3.3
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
New Comment:

Could you submit the results when

- is chmod a-r
- is chmod a+r ?

Apparently PHP crashes trying to open the file.

Try also, in stead of th include(), a 

$fp = fopen('');
echo fread($fp,filesize(''));

To see wether the problem is in the include() or simply in
opening of the file. This also with word-readable on/off.

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-10 14:17:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Just for information:

1.  I've updated AIX 4.3.3 now to the Maintenance-Level 8 (the latest one). But the 
problem is unchanged.

2.  I'm using the binary package: php-4.0.4pl1-1.aix4.3.ppc.rpm



[2001-05-10 14:00:20] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

In /var/opt/freeware/apache/logs/error_log i've found the following error:

[Thu May 10 19:41:41 2001] [notice] child pid 5444 exit signal Illegal instruction (4)

Every time when i try the test.php with the included file this error occurs.

-- Stephan


[2001-05-10 13:42:42] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Without the file i've got the following lines:
this is a test
Warning: Failed opening '' for inclusion 
(include_path='.:/opt/freeware/lib/php') in 
/usr/opt/freeware/apache/share/htdocs/test.php on line 4

With the file i've got only the IE error, that this page is not available.

-- Stephan


[2001-05-10 06:00:45] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Try this script:


echo "this is a test";



Any errors reported? In error_log maybe?



[2001-05-10 05:53:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


-- Stephan


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