Rasmus, can you clarify the 'mode' parameter in
php_checkuid()? In safe_mode.h there are 5 defined values,
the 5th is: (which is used in fopen_wrappers.c ...)

However, in safe_mode.c CHECKUID_CHECK_MODE_PARAM is not
used, and furthermore if 'fopen_mode' is not null, 'mode'
is overwritten anyway (depending if fopen_mode ~= 'r')
[line 56ish].

It seems that it exists there for possible expansion ... is
this correct?

So my question is ...
Can/should the 'mode' and the CHECKUID_* defines be changed
to bit flags (like php_fopen_wrapper() mode flags)?

My motivation for this is to be able to check *just* for a
files existence, not checking UID/GID.

Possibly a better way to do this would be to split
php_checkuid() into php_checkexists() and php_checkuid(),
where the former would be called by the latter (as to
not break anything)...
This might be more intuitive, and then I won't have to
duplcate the code to check for the file (as small as it

Any comments?

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