ID: 11918
Updated by: jeroen
Old Summary: d'oh
Status: Open
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Operating System: win2k
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Could be serialization problem. Try to hard code the serialized value in your script, 
and compare that to your normal string.

If you cannot reproduce it in any way, it'll be hard to find the problem.

$string = unserialize('s:8:"Username";');
$accessKey = 'U';

Just before the problematic piece in your script? Or whatever the actual value is of 
the serialized database-item?

Previous Comments:

[2001-07-05 23:08:25] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


1) $pos is not === FALSE
2) the vars $pos, $string and $accessKey are not used anyhow else or anywhere else in 
that scope (method), and not included using global
3) if i 'initialise' $pos somehow
$pos = 'someshit';
$pos = strpos(strToLower($string), strToLower($accessKey));
or do the strpos() twice, i get the 0 and not the 1. and the array problem (strange 
characters) is gone also.



[2001-07-05 22:59:12] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


first of all, i'm not able to reproduce that. sorry. it only occures in the context of 
my scripts.

occures in 4.0.5 also.

$pos = strpos(strToLower($string), strToLower($accessKey));
echo $pos . " -" . $string . ' ' . $accessKey . "<br>\n";

this prints out '1 -Username U when it should be a 0 instead. when i do

if ($string === 'Username') $string = 'Username';

before, there's no problem. of course a var_dump() of $string shows string(8) 

in the same context, 

$t = array('<u>', '</u>');
echo $t[1];

spits out a few strange characters (others each time) 
instead of the '</u>'. and a var_dump() of $t even crashes 

the value of $string ('Username') comes from mysql, it's a serialized value, and looks 
like: ;s:8:"Username"; so this should be fine.

well, maybe this sounds familiar to you. to me it looks *very* strange. again, i'm not 
able to reproduce it.



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