On 10 Jul 2001, Bug Database wrote:

Sorry, but i cannot feedback, because

The username or password you supplied was incorrect.
Something went wrong updating the database.
Bug id #12002

[2001-07-10 06:04:17] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Great! Thanks for the report. Would it be possible for you
to provide as short as possible of a reproducing script/xml
file, either through the bug report interface or by providing a hyperlink,
or something?


--- test.php ---
$doc = xmldocfile("test.xml");
$xpath_context = $doc->xpath_new_context();

if (!$xpath) {
$xpath = "//child::article/para/segmentedlist/segmenteditem/seg";

echo "<br>\n";
echo "xpath: $xpath";
echo "<br>\n<br>\n";

$nodes = xpath_eval($xpath_context, $xpath);

echo "<br>\n<hr>\n";


--- test.xml ---
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-2"?>
<article id="00008607">
<title>Testing article...</title>
<date>10.07.2001 11:49</date>
<editor id="ed1">
<orgname>Cesky 1</orgname>
<para role="pocasi"> <segmentedlist role="pocasi">
<segmenteditem role="D">
<seg role="min_teplota">12</seg>
<seg role="max_teplota">20</seg>
<seg role="obrazek"/>

--- testing ---
OK http://amik.fido.cz:8081/test/xpath.html?xpath=//child::article

SIGSEGV http://amik.fido.cz:8081/test/xpath.html?xpath=child::article

I know, this xpath is invalid, but sigsegv is not expected result :-).
Thanx a lot for your help.

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