As it were Andi's last words, is it the finial decison now just to 
implement $foo{x} to retrieve a single char?
I'm asking this again, because it will be irreversible because it is not 
compatible with substr($foo,x) == $foo{x}!!!
And as I still do not agree that substr($foo,4,6) should be better than
$foo{4,6} I now have another (taken and modified from Zeev or Andi) 
offer, which *is intuitive*:

What about the range proposals? $foo{4..6} where $foo{6..} would mean to 
the end, no negative numbers, nothing else but at least that would 
simplify string processing a bit (although I am still in favor for the 
substr() solution).

I think even Zeev would agree that this is intuitive ;)
So far we have:

        get char at pos x
get chars from pos x to the end
get chars from pos x to y

Now what if we do not know the position of the last character?

get chars from pos x to the minus 5
I tried to interprete this differently but I failed, isn't this called 

As an alternative we even modify it to
$foo{x..|} and $foo{x..|-4}
if anyone feels better with it...

Comments welcome,

ps. I do not remember the engine2 email address, if anyone could forward 

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