Andi, can you tell me what would happen if I also have another c.php in 
the same directory as a.php? which one of the two c.php's will get included?

I am not complaining about the solution, I am just rying to see if it 
will break my code...



Andi Gutmans wrote:

>Hi guys,
>Attached is a patch which I worked up quickly (could probably use some
>improving) which should solve the problem with includes of relative
>includes :)
>Simpler said:
><?php include "../b.php"; ?>
><?php include "c.php"; ?>
><?php print "Yay!" ?>
>This example should work when c.php is in the same directory as b.php and
>PHP is ran on a.php.
>Please check this patch. It might crash in certain cases, I barely tested
>Let me know...

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