At 12:13 AM 7/11/2001 +0200, Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
> >   - Right now this also effects things like opening php.ini. It'll now
> >     check in the current working directory for php.ini. I think this
> >     screw up todays behavior.
>Isn't this a huge security risk? When there is something wrong so that
>php.ini can't get read where it should, it will maybe read the user's

Can you check it and come up with a conclusive answer if it's a problem. I 
don't have time now.

>I assume it will at least first check for php.ini where it should be?

Yes, it'll first check the real place.

>By the way, when doing something like include("../init.php"), your
>script will get broken when a init.php is added somewhere...
>it doesn't make it very transparently.

In what respect?
The reason why I want people to check the patch and think about it is so 
that we can remove it ASAP if people feel it does more harm than good.


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