On Wednesday 11 July 2001 00:54, Andi Gutmans wrote:
> At 07:00 PM 7/10/2001 -0400, Paul Marquis wrote:
> >Attached is a patch to ext/dom/php_domxml.c that adds the ability
> > to set the context node when running xpath_eval().  xpath_eval()
> > (and xpath_eval_expression()) can now accept and optional second
> > parameter that is the context node.  If no argument is specified,
> > it works as before.
> >
> >This patch is against the head of the CVS tree.  I also have a
> > patch for the 4.0.6 version of this file for those who need/want
> > it.
> >
> >BTW, has a decision been made about what interface to domxml will
> > be in the next release of PHP?
> This is a good question. For 4.0.6 we rolled back DOM/XML. What do
> you think should be done for 4.0.7? Will 4.0.6 users be able to
> upgrade? What is the status of the module today vs. before?

Well, the first thing you need to do is commit my patch.  :-P

The code at the head of the tree is a lot cleaner and fixes many 
memory leaks from the version in 4.0.6.  However, backward 
compatability is not preserved, though I think it can be added back 
with a little work while preserving the new API.  I have a few nits 
with the new API, such as not all the DOM objects set the type field 
making tree traversal semi-problematic, but I like the OO interface 
much better.

FWIW, when we upgraded to PHP 4.0.6, we opted to gut the packaged 
DOM/XML extension in favor of the version at the head of the tree 
because there were too many bugs in the packaged version.  As we were 
early in our development cycle, we didn't have much code to convert.

I'd be willing to help out in any way I can to bring this module up 
to snuff.

Paul Marquis

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