In order to debug this you'd really need to try and cut it down to a 
smaller reproducible script.
Maybe the best start for you is to compile with --enable-debug and see if 
you get any error messages from the memory manage in your error_log file 
about memory overruns and stuff. That could be a good first step.


At 10:32 AM 7/12/2001 -0700, Brian Lalor wrote:
>Hey all.  I haven't seen any further traffic on this issue (aside from
>myself, that is :-) ).  At one point yesterday, we were seeing an
>approximate 5% failure rate; 5% of pages served had errors due to garbage
>for a define.
>I spent some time poking about the PHP and Zend source yesterday and was
>able to call a php_printf() whenever a constant was defined as a string.
>Yeah, big deal, I know, but I'm thinking of using that method to verify
>that what's going into the hash table is what I've put in the script.
>Is there a way to dump an arbitrary Zend hash table from a PHP script?
>I've tried stepping through the entire execution of a PHP script with GDB.
>Not a pretty thing, as I'm sure most of you know.  I'm not able to
>determine even where the line
>         define("FOO", "bar");
>is read from the file.
>Somewhere, the data for the defined constant is getting corrupted.  I
>don't know enough about the Zend internals to checkpoint the data at
>various points to see if it matches what I expect.  The other problem is
>that I can't reliably reproduce the error with a compact script or series
>of scripts, which is a major bummer for all involved.
>Would someone with the knowledge of the internals of PHP and Zend be
>willing to spend some time one-on-one with me any my team trying to get a
>solution to this?
>Brian Lalor
>(v) 480-333-3196
>(f) 480-760-9298
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