Sorry for replying to this mail, but I forgot to set a password when
opening the bug report.

Yes. gettype() for the result from snmpset() returns "array". I was
mistaken because after successfull comparison of the result with false, I
looked at the documentation and found snmpset() declared as
bool snmpset (...), with the explanation "...returning true on success
and false on error".

On 12 Jul 2001, Bug Database wrote:

> ID: 12081
> Updated by: rasmus
> Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Old Summary: A successfull snmpset() always returns "false"
> Status: Open
> Bug Type: SNMP related
> Operating System: Slackware-7.1, kernel.2.4.6
> PHP Version: 4.0.6
> New Comment:
> >From looking at the code it would appear that snmpset() would return an empty array 
>unless something goes wrong.  Granted, that is sub-optimal, but I don't think it 
>returns false.  Could you verify this for me that it is actually an empty array and 
>not false?
> Previous Comments:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [2001-07-12 02:31:47] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> I think the bug is in ext/snmp/snmp.c. php_snmp() initializes "return_value" only 
>for snmp functions that return some MIB variable(s). It should "RETURN_TRUE" for 
>snmpset too.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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