hey everyone,

Hope the summer's good for all of ya :)

I have some trouble with understanding php behavior's change from 4.0.0 to 
higher versions. I wish someone here could explain me what might be in 
cause for this. I've checked out the ChangeLog and didn't find anything 
really relevant.

here's my problem.

On our website here, we use the 404 mechanism to insert the actual content 
of pages into a single interface.
For example, let's say you go to http://www.mysite.com/index.php ..

Actually index.php doesn't exist, but index.content does. Apache will then 
send out a 404 error and send the custom 404 page we have designed which is 
a php file. This php file is the in charge to insert the contents of the 
.content file into a single interface. I won't extend on the purpose, 
advantages and drawbacks of this system, just assume it works that way :)

When we first set up this system, we had to patch Apache cause it didn't 
send Post variables to a 404 custom page. This patch went easy and works 
perfectly right. Now when we've tried to upgrade php from php3 to php4 and 
though our system worked correctly with php 4.0.0, but not with further 

I'd like to know if you guys could give me a hint on what's going on here ? 
Would you have changed anything in the way you handle Post/Get vars in 
4.0.1 and above ? Do you have a different processing for these variables 
whether the page is a 404 or a 200 ?

I'm thanking anyone in advance for any given clue helping to solve this 
Please come back to me on the list or privately to [EMAIL PROTECTED] if you 
have any further questions regarding my problem.

See ya all later and have a good week-end.

Mark Villemade
Hosting Platform Development/Conception Engineer
Lycos Europe

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