Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask.  If it isn't, could someone
please tell me where I can ask such questions...

I'm attempting to write a PHP extension to load as an external DSO.  I've
got the extension to build and load using dl(), but when I call a method
from it, the httpd running the request dies.  The Apache error logs report
the following:

/usr/local/apache/bin/httpd: error in loading shared libraries:
undefined symbol: __7ID3_TagPCc

__7ID3_TagPCc is the mangled name for the ID3_Tag class's constructor
located in another DSO (libid3.so, in /usr/lib) that I am linking against.

My config.m4 file is listed below.  Are there any changes that should be
made to get this to work?

> dnl $Id: config.m4,v 1.5 2001/07/13 17:32:27 bootc Exp $
> dnl config.m4 for extension id3
> PHP_ARG_WITH(id3, for id3 support,
> [  --with-id3              Include id3 support])
> if test "$PHP_ID3" != "no"; then
> # --with-id3 -> check with-path
> SEARCH_PATH="/usr/local /usr"
> SEARCH_FOR="/include/id3.h"
> if test -r $PHP_ID3/; then # path given as parameter
> else # search default path list
> AC_MSG_CHECKING(for id3 files in default path)
> for i in $SEARCH_PATH ; do
> if test -r $i/$SEARCH_FOR; then
> ID3_DIR=$i
> AC_MSG_RESULT(found in $i)
> fi
> done
> fi
> if test -z "$ID3_DIR"; then
> AC_MSG_RESULT(not found)
> AC_MSG_ERROR(Please reinstall the id3 distribution)
> fi
> # --with-id3 -> add include path
> # --with-id3 -> add the libraries
> PHP_EXTENSION(id3, $ext_shared)
> fi


Chris Boot

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