today we put up an preview of the Site Resource Manager on our site. This
version is Beta quality and has still lots of bugs, and other problems.
The following functionality is present:
1. SRM can be used as a session backend to PHP, just like the files or
   user handlers. (Gamma)
2. You can use SRM to store simple data. At this moment the following data
   types are supported: int, string, array (only indexed), boolean. (Beta)
3. With the "auth" module you can authenticate users, and let SRM keep
   track of who is logged in. Automatic log out is part of this too (Beta)
4. The dbquery module is highly unstable, don't try it (Pre Alpha)

The technology preview is avaialble from
http://www.vl-srm.net/download.php No documentation is currently present,
but feel free to ask questions by either e-mail, or preferrable by sending
them to the mailinglist. I hope I can respond to questions, as I'm on
holiday for the next three weeks.

I hope you all can give me some feedback, I'd appreciate that very much.

Derick Rethans
The SRM team.

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