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so I'm posting manually.

rom:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  Operating system: 
  PHP version:      4.0.6
  PHP Bug Type:     Session related
  Bug description:  session_set_cookie_params broken

  This assumes default settings in php.ini

  Description: the effect of session_set_cookie_params() is documented to
  last only for the duration of the calling script, however it's affect
  appears to last globally forever. i.e. After using a session named
  "SID1" with a cookie timout of 5 seconds, subsequently using a
  session "SID2" with default cookie parameters will also have a
  timeout of 5 seconds.

  The following two scripts will illustate this.

    echo "Sid is [",session_id(),"]\n";

  Loading this, SID1 changes every 5 seconds as expected.

  Loading the following, however, SID2 also changes every 5 seconds, even
  though cookie params have *not* been set in this script.

    echo "Sid is [",session_id(),"]\n";


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