From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: linux 2.2.19
PHP version:      4.0.5
PHP Bug Type:     Apache related
Bug description:  DirectoryMatch/php_value/.htaccess

Apache version 1.3.14

IF a php_XXX config directive (maybe ANY php_XXX config
directive) is used inside a <DirectoryMatch> section in the
Apache server config file
        IF other (maybe ANY) php_XXX's are used in an
        .htaccess file within a directory which is matched
        by the <DirectoryMatch>
                these php_XXX's will only be honoured
                when the server is restarted. Subsequent
                changes to these directives in the
                .htaccess file will be ignored.

For example,

in httpd.conf put:

<DirectoryMatch ^/home/httpd/html/buggy/>
php_admin_value sendmail_path /some/path/to/sendmail

in /home/httpd/html/buggy/.htaccess put
php_value include_path somedir

and then call phpinfo() from with a file in the same
directory.  On starting Apache, sendmail_path and
include_path will be as above but subsequently changing
the value of include_path will have no effect unless the
server is restarted.  However, if the php_admin_value in
the server config file is removed and the server restarted,
changes to the include_path in the .htaccess file will
be registered immediately (as should be).

Further, FWIW:

1) Directory as opposed to DirectoryMatch seems to be OK.
2) Non php_XXX apache directives function OK in both
   contexts.  Hence I am filing this as a bug here rather
   than to Apache.
3) At times(!),  I have got a bizarre "toggle" effect when
   reloading phpinfo() i.e. alternate hits show first "old"
   value of include_path and then the "new" value!
4) I have conducted all tests using Lynx and thus am
   confident that there has been no cache nonsense going on.

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