First, look att this piece of pure PHP code:



class S
    var $a;
    var $x;

$s1 = new S();
$s1->a = 42;

$s2 = new S();

$s2->a = 4711;
$s2->x = $s1;

echo $s1->a."\n";

$s3 = $s2->x;
echo $s3->a."\n";

echo $s2->x->a."\n";



All three of the "echo" lines above will output the value 42.

Now consider the same code, but S is class in a PHP extension that has
implemented the handle_property_get function to retrieve properties.

This time, the last echo line will get the value of $s1->a and not $s2->a.

handle_property_get is only called on the $s1 instance and not on the $s2
instance of the object.

I will write a PHP extension that just shows this "feature".


-\- David Eriksson -/-

"An expert in a particular computer language is really an expert
in the work-arounds necessary to use this language to perform
useful work." - Richard B. Johnson

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