No good reason for that.  When I wanted to change that, it was already too 
late in the game.
It'd probably make good sense to add a mysql_get_field_name_ex() which 
returns a more accurate value.


At 00:37 19/07/2001, Cynic wrote:
>Hi there,
>could anyone tell me what is the reasoning behind the constraints
>on the values returned by php_mysql_get_field_name()? I. e.:
>1737                            case FIELD_TYPE_SHORT:
>1738                            case FIELD_TYPE_LONG:
>1739                            case FIELD_TYPE_LONGLONG:
>1740                            case FIELD_TYPE_INT24:
>1741                                    return "int";
>1742                                    break;
>1743                            case FIELD_TYPE_FLOAT:
>1744                            case FIELD_TYPE_DOUBLE:
>1745                            case FIELD_TYPE_DECIMAL:
>1746                                    return "real";
>1747                                    break;
>why doesn't it return "short", "longlong", "double" etc. i. e. the
>real value?
>This has been so since php_mysql.c v1.1 (2yrs, Zeev), so there must be
>a good reason behind this, but I just see it. anyone care to enlighten
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