There needs to be a decision made in order to complete
the work on domxml, as it currently stands.

I think it is a good idea to keep both the "procedural"
and "object oriented" interfaces in the code.

The way the module is currently written, it will take
the least amount of work to just require the user to
pass a valid XML object to the procedural calls.

I would like to be consistent across the board on where
we expect this object to be passed, and I see to ways
to do it, each with their pro's and con's, so I thought
I would ask for input before I went too much farther down
the road I'm currently following.

Style #1:
The dom_document object is always the FIRST parameter to
the function, if called as a procedure and NOT as a method
on a dom_document object.

This seems cleaner, as the user will ALWAYS know where
the object belongs.

This might confuse the oop users, as the documentation does
not currently clearly distinguish the two interfaces.

Style #2:
The dom_document object is always LAST.

Simplest to implement with code as it currently stands.
Seems to be the way many other functions have been written.

User will have to remember all arguments of all functions and
pass SOMEthing, even if that means passing NULLs or something.

Position of dom_document becomes a moving target.

Does anyone have any input? I'm currently leaning towards the
2nd style...

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