> It's kind-of odd that you use this function in a module, it's 
> not really an 
> API function that's useful outside the context of the engine. 
>  Are you sure 
> that's the right thing to do in there..?

Well, I'm no expert on the zend engine or anything, but I can 
describe what I try to achieve...

As the return-value of a function I create an object 
containing an array. The array-values are accessible through 
an index and a name, like


I want the fieldname to be a true reference to the value, so 
if I modify dbx_result->data[0][0] (in a php-script, I mean), 
and access it through dbx_result->data[0]['fieldname'], I 
want to get the modified value.
For this, the zend_assign_to_variable_reference works fine. 

If you know another function that gives me the same 
functionality, I'd be happy too :-)

Cheerio, Marc.

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