colin mcdonald wrote:
> I've been reading about (and experiencing) the problems with sending
> mail on windows.

> Question:  Are there any plans in the near future to clean/rewrite this
> code?  I keep seeing the comment that "mail() badly needs a rewrite on
> windows".

i have plans to rewrite the mail() stuff altogether to have a *working*
SMTP implementation on Windows and the option to use SMTP on UNIX
but i have no spare time right now and still no working windows dev
> Question(s):  If there are no plans in the near future, how can I help?
>   What needs to be rewritten (besides the obvious handling Bcc header
> and making the header case-insensitive)?  I've been experiencing
> problems when sending attachments that are slightly longer than 2kb.
> What would need to be rewritten to get this working.  Is it a lower
> level than the code in php (ie win sockets)?

the whole php4/win32/sendmail.c file looks like a quick hack or like
someone not really knowing the RFCs did it
but as far as i can tell it uses BSD socket functions like connect(),
send() and receive() only and nothing winsock-specific 

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