> When you build the result hash, use the same zval * in both 
> places (don't forget the right refcount), it should work.

>Yes, just use the same zval *, increase refcount accordingly, and set the 
> is_ref bit.  It'd be much faster (and also more correct) than using the 
> assign_to_variable_reference() function...

OK, could you help me out here? 

Can I just do this:

zend_hash_index_find((*row_ptr)->value.ht, col_index, (void **)
(*actual_ptr)->is_ref =1;
zend_hash_update((*row_ptr)->value.ht, (*columnname_ptr)->value.str.val,
(*columnname_ptr)->value.str.len + 1, actual_ptr, sizeof(zval *), NULL);

This seems to work. However, I tried it without the refcount and is_ref
statements, and it still seems to work... (this is in the 4.0.6 version,
There is no memory loss for both versions...

Cheerio, Marc.

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