Hi Zeev,

> Release build assumes no bugs, and thus doesn't try to help you to solve
> bugs, and favours performance.  In release builds, we don't perform slow
> checking of every memory block.  If an invalid block was passed - it'd
> cause a crash (most probably).  In debug builds, which can be slower, we
> favour stronger debugging capabilities to performance, so we do perform
> these checks.
> Zeev
Ok, so I've to consider that in release build each thread trying to _efree()
something must be the same than the thread called _ealloc(), otherwise the
behaviour isn't checked, thus not defined by PHP/Zend but elsewhere.
The remaining issue is, that in debug builds any _efree() related problem
will be undetected if _efree() rejects the call because of the different
thread id's.

TMTOWTDI - There's More Than One Way To Do It - Perl motto
Holger 'zimpel' Zimmermann 


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