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Operating system: 
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     Feature/Change Request
Bug description:  Error tracking:pass the line number of the function call instead of 


class numberHandler 
  function numberHandler ()
  function divide_by ($num, $div)
        // prova a rifiutare parametri incorretti
        // this will cause an Error in case $div is zero
        return $num/$div;

// Some code

$n = new numberHandler();
print $n->divide_by(4,2) . "\n"; // ok
print $n->divide_by(4,0) . "\n"; // Here's the error
print numberHandler::divide_by(10,5) . "\n";

A "Division by zero on line 13" error will be reported with the line number
from the inner of the class and there's no way of tracking the real
originator of the error.
How to make it possible to track the origin of the error, like in Java ?

Author: vincent 
Date:   2001-07-19 05:05:49

Ask the PHP boys to make their product give proper line numbers.\ 
The same happens when you give an incorrect number of parameters for a
function. The linenumber will indicate the function definition instead of
the line where you do the function call.



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