> "A pconnect has a running time of 8 hours.

There is no such time limit.

> A close function will be ignored.


> Apache has a threading concept, which doesn't cancel the thread. You can
> configure it but the thread will live till the last connection is closed.
> ( 8 hours after a pconnect ).

Huh?  If we are talking about Apache on any UNIX platform then there are
no threads.

> Every new URL rquest will lead to a new thread with a new database connection
> with a live evalution of 8 hours. To say it simple: "if 10 user clicks on 5
> sites with php scripts -> 50 pconnects will stay active."

Not unless there is a bug somewhere.  The whole point of pconnects is that
they are re-used.  Assuming each pconnect uses the same auth credentials
then the most concurrent connections you will ever have would be equal to
your MAX_CLIENTS setting in your Apache httpd.conf


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