ID: 12190
Updated by: elixer
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: Variables related
Operating System: MS NT 4.0 build 1381
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

This was my fault.  I rewrote the get_meta_tags function in 4.0.5 and forgot to 
lowercase the array keys before inserting them.  I recently submitted a patch that 
corrects this, and it will be available in the next release version.  You can also get 
the latest development version from CVS.

Previous Comments:

[2001-07-20 08:02:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

this IS NOT a website bug. I can't understand
why kerrorr have submitted this as a website


[2001-07-20 07:48:55] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

reproducing code would be helpfull...


[2001-07-16 11:39:20] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature or what, but for feedback purposes, 
herewith my tale of sorrow and angst.

We had version 4.0.4 installed on our NT server (4.0 build 1381, Microsoft-IIS/4.0) 
when it crashed last week (from a surfeit of scratch files in C:/TEMP - we don't know 
why yet, but we have our suspicions) and this led our sysop to a rebuild of the 
system.  Whilst doing that, we installed version 4.0.6 using the Win32 installer.  
This led to one of our scripts - located in an include file "footer.incl" which takes 
a META tag defined in the calling PHTML file

     <META NAME="Date_of_last_modification" CONTENT="20010126">

and breaks it apart and displays it.  The script broke under 4.0.6 because the 
footer.incl file referenced the variable thus:

     $datevar = $datearr["date_of_last_modification"];

Changing that to follow the capitalization of the variable name as in the META 
statement (i.e. to read Date_of_last_modification) fixed the problem.  However, for 
some reason, some pages on our server started hanging the server. Apparently, the 
problem pages do nothing more than display static information and call the same four 
include files as other similar pages which appeared to work fine.  Since this was the 
second day of down time, we decided to resolve it by copying version 4.0.4r over the 
existing installation.  (Why does 4.0.6 have an installer and 4.0.4 didn't?)

That resolved the hanging problem but the date routine broke again.  This time 
changing the code in the include file back to all lower case worked!?!

We will change all of our meta tags to all lowercase to work around this - which 
should work. But the question I have is what are the rules of character case?  I've 
been hunting around in my reference material but haven't found an answer.


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