Hi Dan,

thanks for the info. I don't know the original jitterbug, so
I have no intentions to sqawk. :) I'll subscribe to the list.

However, my attempts to get to http://phpuk.com and 
http://www.phpuk.com both ended up at 
http://welcome.domainzero.com/ w/ no page displayed, so I guess 
that's not the correct URL. Or is it?

At 20:42 7/20/2001, Dan Kalowsky wrote the following:
>Cynic wrote:
>> Ah, the mysterious "new bug system". :))
>> Anyway, I'd like to help with it. Who should I contact?
>Oh it's not that mysterious.   
>You can find the mailing lit at [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>The cvs repository can be found at phpuk.com I believe.
>And before you sqawk, it is NOT the jitterbug bug system.  It just
>happens to be the name that was choosen.  
>Jani, Frank, James, Derick, and myself have been working on the design
>for it.  Jani has recently been implementing pieces of it.
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